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Evergreen Boardlam Pvt Ltd. is result of strong desire to produce a high quality particle board and panel products.company is equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities. It has in-house facilities for testing the board and  R&D laboratory. Every batch is tested by qualified chemists.

The stable & strong particle board of Evergreen Boardlam Pvt Ltd. has entered the Indian market with a bang. And as the name suggests ,Ecofit is an engineered products made with a combination of Eco-friendly chips with a strong binder ,processed in the most hi-tech machinery of Evergreen Boardlam Pvt Ltd. Ecofit particle board is available in prelaminated particle board offers superb choices of unlimited surface Designs.

The company is hopefully that the modern strategies , aggressive approach and quality consciousness will definitely propel it to the top segment.

The size of the Prelam boards is 2440x1200mm.It is offered in 9,12,18 & 26 mm thickness…


  • Cost effective
  • It is available in large sizes
  • Veneer or plastic laminate can be applied to make it look more like solid timber
  • It doesn’t have natural defects and It doesn’t swell
  • Renewable
  • Three-layered board
  • Bonded with resin
  • Tight, compact panel
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and stable
  • Machined cleanly
  • Smoothed and sanded at the mill
  • Easily treated